Our Services

Remotely or in person, we're here to help.

We are problem-solvers, often called into a project to fix relationships damaged by actions that erode trust

Remotely or on site, we serve a wide range of organizations involving land, mineral, oil and gas, hydro-electric, agricultural and forestry resources. We also help public and private financing groups and Equator Principles Financial Institutions understand social risk.

Our expertise includes remote support for team management, on-the-ground community perception, social impact and risk, conflict and security assessments, policy development in community engagement and human rights, and due diligence assessments focusing on how projects and operations conform with international financing standards.

We are problem-solvers, often called in to fix relationships damaged by actions that erode trust. We use a variety of tested methods and techniques developed by social performance practitioners.

We are sensitive to client needs, active and take initiative. We create change within client organizations and build capacity so they can undertake our work on their own. At that point, we’re out of a job, which means we’ve done what we set out to do for you.

Social Performance Management

Monkey Forest builds a tailored system so your project or enterprise manages social impacts in a unified, integrated way.

Social Performance Assessments

By reviewing your social performance management system, we can tell you if your programs, policies and organizational capacity conform to international social standards.

Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights

Conflict and human rights have become increasingly high-priority issues for natural resource companies.
Our early roots in mining serves us well for working with all natural resource management sectors.  We understand the fundamentals of business and the complexities of communities and we have provided targeted social performance management and assessment services in various resources sectors.